New Social Media Sites


This is Beautylish. Beautylish is my new obsession. It is a social media website and application that allows for users to: write reviews of makeup products, upload tutorials using the products, suggest products for followers, and upload pictures using the products to show followers what the product looks like. For any makeup junkie like myself…this is a necessary social media site. I just came across this application on my phone a few weeks ago when I was bored and playing around downloading free app’s. Thank god I did because now I am obsessed. What I find interesting about this website is that it is so much better than other makeup social media sites in my opinion. I think the layout, the overall design and the features blow other makeup social media sites out of the water. Of course that is just my opinion and not everyone is going to agree with me. It’s very social media oriented because it keeps users interacting with one another. Users can comment on other users pictures or page to suggest products or to give praise for a good makeup look. I love it. I am always trying to keep with my new social media sites, and Beautylish is one of the best that I have discovered. 


My friend the other day asked me if I had been on Myspace in a while. I was like “hell no”. Who uses Myspace anymore? After Facebook I never went back. I actually tried to log in to my old account the other day to check it out, but could not remember my password. I didn’t want to create a new account because I will never use it, and I don’t want to get bombarded with annoying emails. I read a few articles about how Myspace is trying to make a comeback. One article (sorry my hyperlink isn’t working) says that Myspace uses musical artists to try to draw attention. However this article was written in June 2013, and since then I have not been aware of any major Myspace comeback. What I find interesting is that Myspace thinks music will help their social media site. Don’t they know that there are so many musical social media sites, and Youtube….people won’t be using Myspace to find music. Myspace is just trying to hang on for way to long in my opinion. I personally don’t know anyone who has used Myspace in the past few years. My friend brining it up to me the other day was the first time I have actually heard someone talk about it in years. Reading all of the articles about how Myspace believes it will have an epic turnaround makes me sad because I doubt that will ever happen. Facebook is going to always dominate Myspace in my opinion, no matter what Myspace does to try and stop them. It’s interesting that they won’t let go. I wonder if its because it is just a large finical investment? Good luck to you Myspace…


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