Marketing vs. Branding

Outbound marketing is not what it was years ago. In todays world, a large amount of people rely heavily on technology and marketing that comes through technology. Human/personal contact similar to outbound marketing isn’t as useful to those people who prefer technology marketing. So many people rely on inbound marketing because it is the direction most marketing tactics are going in. Businesses can create Facebook pages, Twitter pages, websites, blogs, and can be contacted through any of the various social media outlets. Finding information out about a brand is now easier than ever. We don’t have the need to have outbound marketing. I personally think however it should remain a marketing tactic because there are people who prefer this method. This is a great article that explains Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing Inbound vs. Outbound Article. I personally like the pictures 😉

I follow my favorite brands on Facebook and Instagram. I like to see how my favorite products (mostly clothing from brand names I like) look on people, so Instagram and Facebook are perfect tools for doing this. I’ll check out how a certain person wears a clothing piece and draw inspiration from it. I am an online savvy person, so I follow many brands, companies, and businesses online. I actually inspire to do online marketing so I like following brands and companies to see how they do their online marketing. Following brands is a good way to stay connected and see what is new, what is going on, and what the brand is following.

I don’t really know if I consider myself loyal to any specific brands. I really like Apple products. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about my Mac, my Iphone, and my Apple TV. I want to continue buying their products – but I am by no means an “Apple Person” as some die-hard fans are. Another brand I would maybe consider myself potentially loyal to is Forever 21. I have shopped at forever for years now and have always been satisfied with their products, prices, and amount to chose from. I guess I would be loyal to Forever21 because I always tell myself not to buy a clothing item without checking to see if Forever21 has any cheaper alternatives. So to answer the question straight forward – no I don’t fully consider myself loyal to any brands. I have brands that I love and support, but are not solely loyal to them. Maybe one day I will find my perfect brand, whatever it may be.

From working in a restaurant I have witnessed people be very loyal to either Coke or Pepsi products. Where I work we carry Pepsi, so we can see all of the loyal Coke drinkers. People actually get so pissed off that we don’t care Coke products. They refuse to drink anything else and will only have water. I personally don’t taste a huge difference between Coke and Pepsi and would never not drink one or the other because of my loyalty to the brand. But trust me – there are loyal Coke and Pepsi people out there. Kind of the people we despise at work (JK). This article shows exactly what I am talking about Coke vs. Pepsi.


Why people follow brands graph:



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