Don’t Press Send

Social media has value to employers because social media is how one presents themselves to others virtually. I personally do believe employers have the right to scope out potential candidates through social media. Some jobs revolve around online presence, so ensuring your employers have a good online presence can be important. I don’t believe a person should be determined if they get the job or not based upon their social media though, because social media doesn’t describe a person. My boyfriend is a perfect example of what I mean. His social media outlets look horrible because he never uses them. He hasn’t logged on to Facebook in a year, so employers might think he is lacking skills, when really he just does not care about social media. I think looking at employers social media accounts all depends on what the job is and if it relates to having social media accounts.  This article explains how social media can both hurt and help your job process How Social Media Can Help (Or Hurt) You in Your Job Search I don’t think it is professional for employers to be posted negative, bad, or inappropriate content on social media accounts. I believe employers then have the right to talk to the person, but don’t have the right to take down their account.

Too many people are using social media as a factor to determine a persons value. As I mentioned, some people simply do not keep up with or care about their social media. For this reason I believe determining a persons value to a job or a college based upon social media is wrong. Colleges need to grant admission based upon the students academic achievements, not on their social media. Colleges twenty years ago were not scoping out their potential candidates Facebook accounts, so why should they now? It has no educational value.

I am currently in the process of cleaning up my social media history actually. I was one of those people who didn’t use social media right when I first started, so I would say stupid and immature things and now looking back I regret it. I am cleaning up my history because I want to work in a social media marketing industry, so it is important for me to delete stupid posts and start fresh. All of my stupid 2am drunk tweets from my freshman year need to go…  This article describes some good tips for cleaning up your social media Social Media Spring Cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning up social media, I have been embarrassed by my social media. When I was recently reading through all my old tweets from three years ago, I was like “omg I can’t believe I said this”. Now I would never “drunk tweet” or post stupid and immature postings. I think a lot of it has to do with growing up. Now that I am an adult and almost graduated, I want to have a mature online prescense. I don’t want to be tweeting about “rap songs” and “drunken mistakes” I want to be tweeting about valuable things. When I am 50 I think I will be saying “I was such a fool” I think as we get older, we look back at what we have done online and think “thats so embaressing”. As time goes on time changes and people find different things to talk about, its just a part of life. In 50 years who knows what will be considered cool. I’m sure if I look back at my Facebook account I will be saying “omg I can’t believe I wore that!!” and it could be a shirt that is very in style now, but not in 50 years. Determining what I will think about my social media accounts so far ahead I can only guess I will be emabressed because things are always changing. What is cool now will not be cool in even ten years from now.

future computer Our computers in 20 years could be everywhere! Our dining room table could be a computer, and while you are eating dinner you can surf the web and use social media. Social media has so much room to grow, no one knows what we will be like online in 30 years from now… Scary!!!


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