Going Mobile

I’ve recently started noticing myself using my phone more often than using my computer. The reason is because I am on the go so much that using my phone is more convenient. I prefer to use my computer because it has a bigger screen and is easier for navigation, but because of accessibility I use my phone more. I’m not a tablet person. I kind of don’t get the point of them. I have a iPhone and a Mac, so I personally have no use for a tablet. If I didn’t have a computer I would probably purchase a tablet to do online shopping, play games, and use the internet. At my internship I wrote a blog post for the business’ website where I described the importance of businesses going mobile. More and more people are using their mobile devices versus computers. The numbers I found were surprising to me because I am such a computer person and I thought more people were too. But no, mobile devices are beginning to take over. Here is the link to the blog I wrote about businesses going mobile Mobile is the New Black.

Companies are so focused on going mobile because they have to meet their customers standards. Companies have to shift their ways in order to tailor their customers needs. If companies didn’t switch to meet their audiences needs than they would not be successful.  More and more people are using data on their phones as a means of internet and are not using computers anymore. Companies have to develop mobile sites so their customers will continue using their products/services. If a company is not mobile the customers will move on and find a company who is mobile compatible.

I don’t think people will ever get tired of their phones. Phones are such a big item. Phones are our lives in a sense, they carry all of our information we need and allow us to connect to the world via applications and the internet. People wait in a line for days to be able to purchase a new phone when it comes out. That right there says something about how people feel about their phones. Also, phones are outrageously expensive because they know people will pay that money for the product because people love their phones. As for other tech devices such as wearable watches/trackers, I am not into that. I personally would never spend money on such a device. Thats just me personally. I know a few people who are very interested in similar devices. A woman I work with wears her Nike ID bracelet all day long, everyday and swears by it. Technology is general is one thing that people go crazy for.

I personally don’t believe our mobile phones effect our social skills. If anything affects our social skills it would be the internet, not a phone. The phone is just a way of accessing information provided by the internet. Phones in a way are the middle man. However, some people spend too much time on their phones. If they don’t have their phone right by their side they might get anxiety. I believe thats where a problem starts. People are too used to relying on their phones. Phones can be a sense of comfort when in an awkward situation (which I am guilty of). I believe being on your phone too often and taking advantage of your phone can effect social skills to a degree. For example, if you are out to dinner and don’t engage in conversation with the person you are with because you are glued to your phone, then there is a problem. This article cracked me up. It talked about a restaurant in Lebanon that gives a discount on the meals if you don’t have your phone with you (the purpose is to let the people enjoy the food and atmosphere) Parting with Phone for Discount.

It’s sad but I have gotten so used to my friends pulling out their phones while talking to me that it doesn’t even phase me anymore. Honestly I do that myself to others. I guess it’s something we don’t even notice we are doing. I find myself looking at pictures on Instagram while my boyfriend is asking me about my day. Thinking about it, it is rude and its a habit I need to stop. Maybe its because seeing someone on their phone while engaging in conversation is something I have grown accustom to that I don’t even realize I am doing it myself. I’ve been guilty of getting mad at my boyfriend when he is playing a game when we’re watching a movie. I always say “put your phone away” and he says the same to me often. I can’t even imagine what other people must be like considering my boyfriend and I don’t use our phones too often. Some people I know have an addiction to their phones. It’s so sad.

With all of the usage of our phones, its scary to think about a company or the government tracking our every moves. I can tell that Google and Facebook have been tracking me because of the advertisements that are tailored to me. I get advertisements for all of these online clothing stores because I like to do a lot of online shopping. Other than that I haven’t directly noticed anything with tracking my information. This article talks about NSA tracking cell phones NSA Article. From my understanding I believe we are being tracked but not to a tee. It’s not like someone is listening to everyone of our calls writing down what we are saying, or someone is watching me do Facebook stalking. I don’t oppose NSA tracking our phones because I believe its something that should be monitored to protect people. Being able to locate a person by their cell phones can help save a life in in a dangerous situation, so I am all for it. 


kids-cell-phones-240a-030810   “Just teaching myself how to type my name Mom” LOL.  Hopefully we don’t see children younger and younger using phones as time goes on. That is something I do not agree with.


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