Rise and Fall Post #2

I personally believe that with all of the advancements in technology, no social media platform will last forever. No matter the popularity it once had, another platform will replace the existing platform. People always want bigger and better, so they will jump onto the bandwagon of the next social media outlet. Friendster is the perfect example of this. Friendster failed once Myspace became popular. Myspace offered a news feed which allowed for you to see what your friends are doing. The Friendster Lesson pointed out that Friendster did not have the music opportunities that Myspace provided, which contributed to its downfall. It provided much more online interaction, which is why Friendster users switched over to Myspace, then eventually switched over to Facebook.

Facebook is the almighty social media platform, which towers over Friendster and Myspace. Facebook allows for much more interaction, personalization, and communication between its users. However, Facebook has a possibility of declining rapidly. Social media services like Twitter allow for users to get read statuses, find information using hastags, and receive news. Social media services like Instagram allow for users to look at pictures of other users. Combined, both of these can replace the purpose of Facebook. The article Facebook is Dead and Buried discusses that teens are turning away from Facebook and gathering their information for other platforms such as Twitter which makes them use these other social media devices more. I personally use Twitter and Instagram for these reasons, which replaces my usage of Facebook. I only have a Facebook account so I can stay in touch with my friends and family who do not have a Twitter or Instagram account. I’ve come to see from reading over other classmates blogs that this seems to be a trend.

I’ve had dozens of social media accounts in my life. Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, Etsy, Poshmark, Vine, Snapchat, Wanelo, and more. It doesn’t honestly take much for me to stop using them. I either get tired and bored of them, or replace them with another social media platform. Pintrest is my favorite social media platform and it would take a lot more for me to stop using it versus other platforms because I am extremely found of everything Pintrest has to offer. In order for me to stop using Pintrest I would probably need to have an extremely similar platform that offers two or more better features than Pintrest does. The article Social Networking Dominates Smartphones says that social media services are extremely popular and so widespread because of the easy accessibility through smartphones. This is extremely true. I will download a new social media account, like I did for my Vine, because I was bored and was playing around with my phone.




tom myspace

LOL shows how Tom the Myspace creator hasn’t even used Myspace in 4 years!!! Probably a joke, but very funny and relevant to what I have been saying.


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