COMM Reading Response #1

It scares me to think that our generations children will be growing up on social media. Kids at the age of 10 already have cell phones where they are tweeting, talking selfies, and texting away to all their friends. When I was 10 I was outside playing “ghost in the graveyard” with my neighbors. I was never doing anything related to social media until I was in middle school atleast. My first experience with social media was AIM, and man was I obsessed. I would spend HOURS sitting in front of my computer typing away, making away messages, and trying to make a cool profile. My perception of the internet during my AIM days was not much, because I honestly only used the internet for instant messaging, googling something, or homework. Now I use the internet for almost everything I do. I don’t want my child to be taking selfies and tweeting at 10 years old. What do they even have to tweet about….”today was rough, recesses was held inside because there was so much snow FML”….no thanks. This article I found Kids Twitter Article discusses how as of May 2013, 24% of kids use Twitter which increased from 16% in 2011. As time goes on of course more and more children will be using Twitter and other social media outlets. I believe parents and teachers need to enforce the importance of safely using social media. My own parents were against me using any form of social media when I was younger, but not they are both on social media themselves.

As an adult, I believe the use of social media is completely acceptable. I couldn’t imagine not using social media now. Right before I go to bed I check all of my social media accounts, and first thing I do when I wake up is check my social media accounts. Social media has just become apart of my life. In fact, I am on my second social media internship, and I hope to obtain a job in social media marketing after graduation in May. An article I came across that has a large amount of information regarding social media marketing jobs can be found here…. Social Media Marketing. The article explains the outlooks, some of the top jobs, and the importance of the career. It’s very interesting.

It’s funny to think how much has changed in the past 10 years. 10 years ago I was 12 year old sitting in front of my computer typing stupid messages to my friends, and now I use twitter, Facebook, instagram, and have a slight addiction to pintrest. I wonder what social media outlets I will be using in 10 years from now. Scary to think that we have absolutely no clue what our future holds. After reading this article The Future of Social Media I became even more scared to imagine what we could possibly be doing. Funny that someone who inspires to work in social media is scared of the future social media, but I’m being honest! Not saying I have an extensive amount of knowledge or experience in social media, but I know how to properly use it for a business from my internships. I am excited to learn more about social media in the class and see how well what we learn coincides with what I have learned in my internships.

I don’t even know half of these icons!! So many social media sites, what will it be like even in 6 months from now!